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Oregon man faces robbery and other felony charges

People can sometimes act out of desperation. The need for something is so great, that they perform a criminal act that they otherwise would have avoided. In these cases, people can still face serious criminal charges -- including felony charges -- despite not wanting anyone to get hurt in the process.

In a recent case in Oregon, a man says that he robbed a car dealership in hopes of getting money to go visit his family. According to reports, the man entered this particular dealership because he knew the owner. Police say that once inside, the 56-year-old man demanded money from the owner of the establishment. When the owner said that no cash was kept on hand, police allege that the man shot at the owner -- but the owner was not harmed.

Oregon constitution protects against traffic citations

Cars and trucks are obviously a frequent mode of transportation for many Oregonians. However, in Oregon many laws dictate the conduct that people must abide by as they are driving. These laws tell people where they can drive, how fast they can drive and whether they are allowed to drive in the first place. By violating these rules, Oregon residents can be charged with a traffic citation. These citations can result in fines and other penalties, and more serious traffic offenses may result in misdemeanor charges.

However, a recent court ruling has made it clear that people cannot get a traffic citation for one type of activity while driving -- flashing their headlights as a warning. People frequently flash their headlights in order to let other drivers know of upcoming police speed traps. This way, other drivers know to slow down and avoid a traffic citation for speeding.

Driver flees police, eventually charged with DUII

When people are intoxicated, they do not always make the best decisions. Intoxicants -- like drugs or alcohol -- can change people's sense of judgment and mistakes are easily made. One common mistake is getting behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink. While normally people may see this as risky and inappropriate, intoxicated people can still make the wrong decision.

This split second decision can lead to serious consequences. One Oregon man recently tried to escape police after driving under the influence of intoxicants. According to reports, the 51-year-old man was driving near the intersection of Southeast Harrison Street and Highway 224 in Milwaukie when he was spotted by police.

Police investigate North Portland men following drug charges

Police investigations can continue for a while after a person is arrested. Depending on the specific charges, Oregon police may be trying to determine exactly what happened in a particular incident, gather more evidence or find more suspects. Whatever the case, police and prosecutors will work tirelessly to prepare the best case possible against those accused of criminal activity.

Currently, police in North Portland are investigating three individuals who have been arrested on drug charges. According to reports, the three men were in a home that was raided by police early one morning. During the raid, police claim to have found marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, Oxycontin and ecstasy in the search. Furthermore, police say they found counterfeit money and firearms in the home.

Charges for 2 Oregonians following police search for drugs

Two Oregon residents have been arrested on a variety of drug charges after police served a search warrant. According to police, warrants were issued for two different locations. In the searches of these properties, police say that they recovered more than $20,000 cash, methamphetamine, heroin and two handguns.

As a result of the search, a 36-year-old man was arrested. He was charged with delivery and possession of a controlled substance, unlawful manufacture and felon in possession of a firearm. The man's girlfriend -- a 24-year-old woman -- was also arrested in the search. Subsequently, the woman was charged with drug possession.

After fleeing police, 2 face felony charges

Any interaction with Oregon police officers can lead to criminal charges. However, a host of additional charges -- or upgraded charges -- can be included if people do not cooperate with police during a traffic stop or other police investigation. While people are under no obligation to tell police about illegal activity, they do need to comply with certain requests -- including the request to pull over.

Two Oregon residents are facing various felony charges following a standoff with police. According to police, the pair were in a car that drove through a stop sign. When police tried to stop the car, officers allege that the driver and his female passenger fled the scene. Officers claim that they drove through city streets and a field before abandoning the car in an alley and fleeing on foot.

Does new Oregon law really help remove mug shots from Internet?

No one is perfect -- people make mistakes all the time that result in a police investigation, an arrest and criminal charges. While many of these criminal charges may make their way through the criminal justice system in Oregon, some will not. With the right criminal defense from the beginning of a case, people can get charges dismissed. In some situations, people will be found not guilty of felony or misdemeanor charges and will be released without punishment.

However, in these cases, it is likely that the police have taken a mug shot of the person for their records. These mug shots become public information and can be used for a variety of purposes. In some cases, internet companies have been publishing people's mug shots online and then requesting a fee to have the pictures removed. These pictures were being published whether or not the person was actually convicted of any crime.

Saint Patrick's Day leads to DUII charges across Oregon

Every March, people across the state of Oregon come out to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Like many holidays, the celebrations often include alcohol. In particular, this holiday is known for its rowdy parties and green beer. Ahead of the holiday Oregon State Police urged drivers from across the state to avoid drinking and driving during the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.

However, despite the warnings, Oregon State Police are still reporting many arrests for drinking under the influence. In particular, 36 DUI arrests were made from March 15 until March 18 across the state. This marks an increase over last year - which saw 29 arrests. Police are reporting that 14 of the arrests occurred on March 17, Saint Patrick's Day, while the additional arrests occurred prior to the actual holiday.

Four in Oregon suspected of methamphetamine use, face charges

Four Oregon residents were recently arrested on drug charges. According to police, they served a search warrant on a residence that neighbors had complained about for some time. The neighbors alleged that for the last couple years, people were always coming and going from the house after short visits. Police say that the neighbors suspected drug activity.

Reports say that the search of the property revealed drugs. Police allege that they found packaging material, scales, marijuana and user amounts of methamphetamine in the home. Furthermore, the police say that there was other evidence of methamphetamine distribution, sale and possession within the house. During the raid, police say that four adults -- ranging from 46-years-old to 23-years-old -- were found in the house, along with one child.

Fight results in assault charges for Oregon man

In the full range of emotions that people can feel, anger can be dangerous. When people are angry they sometimes act out in a way that they normally would avoid. While peoples' anger does not excuse their behavior it can sometimes be an explanation for why people did something they did. Even when a person's emotions get the best of them, people should understand that criminal consequences can follow in certain circumstances.

Recently, an Oregon man was arrested following a non-gang-related shooting. According to reports, the 53-year-old man shot an acquaintance - a 27-year-old man - during a fight in Southeast Portland. Police say that the injuries to the 27-year-old were to his leg and were not life-threatening. Following the alleged shooting, police claim that the 53-year-old left the scene and ran to a nearby house. He was taken into police custody shortly after that.

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