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Men face murder charges following suspected arson

Three Oregon residents have recently been indicted on serious felony charges. According to reports, the men were involved in a suspected arson that led to the death of a 37-year-old man. Police say that a detached garage was intentionally set on fire. Firefighters were able to remove the man from the garage, but he died later at a nearby hospital.

Following the fire -- which took place in February of 2013 -- an investigation led police officers to believe that it was a case of arson. Because of the suspicions nature of the fire, police have brought charges against three men. Police claim that the motive stemmed from the 37-year-old man's alleged involvement in a theft from one of the men that has been charged. The three men, who apparently know each other, have been charged with various felonies, including first degree arson, third degree assault and felony murder.

Legalized marijuana may increase risk for DUI in Portland

Many Oregon residents understand the dangers and the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. People understand how alcohol can impair a person's judgment and make driving dangerous. However, many people have different views about the recreational use of marijuana. People may not associate marijuana use and driving under the influence.

Oregon man charged with misdemeanor for firework sales

Even when an individual takes precaution to avoid legal issues, they could still be accused of committing a crime. Although a misdemeanor is considered a lesser crime, it still carries serious penalties. A defendant should not take these allegations lightly and should be sure to address the situation appropriately to clear their name or reduce the penalties or consequences that the charges have on their life.

After a report of illegal firework use, Oregon authorities were dispatched to a residential address in Redmond. According to reports, the man suspected of setting off fireworks illegally also had a large amount of illegal fireworks in his garage.

Oregon man facing probation violation for houseguests

When a person is arrested on criminal charges, that person can face a variety of penalties if convicted of the crime. In many cases, people can be sentenced to jail or prison time. They can also be sentenced to fines and restitution, depending on the specific criminal charges that they face. Additionally, many people may also be sentenced to probation.

When a person is on probation, that person is generally out of custody, but has limits on their behavior. The specific terms of a person's probation can vary and may include restrictions on where a person can live, who a person can socialize with or what substances a person can consume. A probation officer is assigned to ensure that these rules are followed until people complete their time on probation.

Officers locate cocaine in car heading to border

When an officer stops a driver, the driver could be subjected to a search. Whether it is at a checkpoint, border or due to a suspected traffic violation, the search could result in criminal charges if drugs are found in the vehicle. Depending on the details of the situation, the driver could face drug trafficking charges and could endure serious penalties. In order to protect their rights, the suspect should investigate to ensure their rights were not violated in the search procedures.

Near Delta Park, Oregon, authorities recently pulled over a driver, and that stop led to a permissive search and the arrest of the driver. According to reports, the Canadian man was presumably on his way to Vancouver, British Columbia, and was traveling through Portland to get to his destination. During his travels, officers pulled over the 28-year-old driver.

Oregon pastor taken into custody for alleged sex crimes

A Happy Valley pastor is in hot water after being taken into custody for alleged sex crimes. Police claim the 64-year-old man, who co-founded the North Clackamas Bible Community, committed three acts of unlawful sexual penetration. Each offense is a Class A felony charge, carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of eight years and four months behind bars. Without a strong criminal defense, this man's life may be turned upside down.

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Oregon and are often aggressively prosecuted. The state often seeks to impose the harshest penalties on accused individuals, which can leave an accused individual afraid of what is to come. Indeed, those facing sex crime allegations have a lot to lose. Mere accusations can damage an individual's reputation, and a criminal conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence, sex offender registry, and a criminal record that may affect an individual's ability to find work and housing.

Portland man's DUI overturned due to improper search and seizure

When a driver is stopped by authorities, they should be aware of their rights and what forms of questioning and tests they could be asked to comply with. If an officer suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, the driver could face a DUI if the officer establishes the proper evidence to place them under arrest. If authorities do not properly carryout the procedures of a DUI stop or a drunk driving arrest, the driver could use this evidence in their defense against the pending charges.

A Portland man recently had a drunk driving conviction overturned. In the spring of 2010, the man was charged with a DUI after his pickup truck landed in a ditch. When authorities arrived at the scene, the man supposedly admitted that he was drunk. The driver was asked to complete the field sobriety tests. Following this step, the man was arrested and then later charged with a drunk driving.

Head-on crash results in misdemeanor charge for Oregon man

Criminal charges, regardless of the level of severity, can be damaging to a person's personal and professional life, as well as stressful. It is far more likely that a Portland resident will face a misdemeanor-level charge than a felony-level. However, for many people, misdemeanors can cause many of the same problems a felony would cause. One of the most common causes of a misdemeanor charge is a driving-related offense.

On a recent Thursday evening, an accident occurred when a pickup truck hit a car head-on after it crossed the center line. The pickup truck was carrying three passengers and crossed the center line because the driver fell asleep. One of the passengers suffered serious injuries while the other two passengers and the driver of the car suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. The driver of the truck was driving with a suspended license when the accident occurred. As a result, he now faces the misdemeanor charge of driving while suspended.

Oregon City police issue traffic citations as part of campaign

Cars are a common form of transportation in Oregon. People rely on their cars, trucks and commercial vehicles for a variety of different purposes. However, motor vehicles happen to also be one of the most highly regulated activities in Oregon as well. There are rules about who can drive, how fast people can drive and where people can drive. Activity inside a person's car -- like using a cell phone or a seatbelt -- is also regulated by state law.

In many cases, breaking these rules can lead to traffic violations. In many cases, these violations may not seem serious. But, in the right circumstances they can lead to fines, jail time or loss of driving privileges.

Four accused of armed robbery in Oregon

Oregon police investigate both violent crimes and crimes that include theft. When a theft turns violent, those accused can face serious felony charges.

Recently, two Oregon residents have been arrested and are facing criminal charges following an alleged armed robbery. The police are searching for two other suspects. According to police, the four people -- three men and a woman -- worked together to lure a fourth man in to a nearby hotel room. Police claim that the other man was expecting to have sex with a woman he had met online.

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