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Can prescriptions drugs lead to DUII charges?

In a recent blog post, this blog discussed the case of a woman that was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants. In that case, the woman was facing drug changes and DUII charges for being found in a car with illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Police claim that the woman was under the influence of these drugs while behind the wheel.

Many people may be surprised by this story. They may think that people can only face criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, not drugs, especially prescription drugs. They may wonder -- can people face DUII charges for prescription or illegal drug use.

Traffic stop result in DUII and drug charges for Portland woman

Police in Portland closely monitor drivers to make sure that they are following traffic rules. While this keeps people safe, it can also result in criminal charges for others. Driving under the influence of intoxicants is a common charge against are drivers. When people are suspected of DUII they face a variety of serious legal consequences. In some cases, DUII charges can be the tip of the iceberg for Portland drivers.

According to reports, this was the case for one woman lately. In this case, police accuse the woman of driving under the influence of illegal drugs. Police claim that the woman was seen committing traffic offenses during a "move over" police patrol. As a result of the violations, police pulled the woman over.

Murder charges and gun rights in Oregon

There are a wide variety of criminal charges in Oregon. When these charges are felonies they can have serious effects on the future of someone's life. Consequences for felony charges in Oregon include probation, prison time, fines, restitution, the sex offender registry and more.

However, felony charges can also effect a person's life in more unexpected ways. For example, convicted felons often have a difficult time finding stable employment and housing since these charges must be disclosed on applications. Additionally, convicted felons may be ineligible for certain public benefits and educational experiences.

Don't miss a DUII deadline

A drunk driving arrest can be a scary experience. For many people, the arrest was one huge mistake. Those arrested for DUII in Oregon are often just regular people who did not realize that they have overindulged. They are not hardened criminals or bad people. They simply made a mistake.

Following a drunk driving arrest, there are a lot of details to worry about. People might be concerned about how the arrest is going to affect their reputation in the community, their job or their home life. They may not think that they need to be worried about the legal consequences right away.

What is an implied consent hearing in Oregon?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a mistake that many Oregonians make each year. This mistake can have long lasting consequences if the legal case is not handled correctly. People may only think about the criminal side of the case in this situation. They may be worried about fines, jail time and the possibility of an ignition interlock device in these situations.

However, people should know there is also an administrative side of DUI cases. It's this side that will determine if people lose their drivers' license following a DUI arrest. In order to determine if a suspension is valid an implied consent hearing may be necessary. Without a hearing, a drivers' license suspension may be enforced.

Alcohol education classes and DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense. However, it is one that can easily happen to people that would otherwise never break the law. When people recreationally drink, they may not realize when they have had too much. In some cases, a person can reach the legal limit after only a small or moderate amount of alcohol. This mistake, however, can affect their lives for years to come.

The consequences of DUI charges are immediate in Oregon. People can face fines, jail time, probation and a driver's license suspension. Other consequences can include an ignition interlock device and alcohol education classes.

Fire captain demoted following DUII arrest

Driving under the influence is an easy mistake to make. If a person has a drink or two, it can be easy to over indulge and not even realize it. However, this simple mistake has very serious consequences.

Oregon residents who are convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants face serious criminal penalties. These penalties can include large fines, jail or prison time, community service, a driver's license suspension, mandatory alcohol education classes, an ignition interlock device and more. These criminal penalties can affect a person for years after the person's arrest.

Are there defenses to drunk driving in Oregon?

Many Oregon residents understand the seriousness of drunk driving charges. When people are accused of drunk driving, they can face large fines, the loss of a drivers' license, jail time, employment issues and more. Avoiding these penalties is often crucial for people who have been accused of driving under the influence.

If people have been stopped for drunk driving in Portland, they may face many uncertainties and have many questions. Frequently, people may wonder -- are there defenses to drunk driving that can help Oregon residents avoid penalties for DUI?

Your rights matter in misdemeanor cases

When people think of criminal charges, serious charges -- also known as felonies -- are likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, many people will never face felony charges in their lifetimes, but this does not mean they will not have a run-in with the law. Many people will face misdemeanor charges. These charges are less serious than felonies but still carry significant penalties. These penalties can include large fines, the loss of certain privileges, jail time and more.

While misdemeanor and felony charges are different from one another in many respects, one thing is the same -- the importance of an aggressive criminal defense. In felony and misdemeanor cases, people have constitutional rights that need to be upheld. These rights include the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney and many others. There are also rules about police conduct and evidence collection that must be followed in misdemeanor cases. In many cases, people are no aware of these rules. Many people are unfamiliar with the criminal system and all the rights they are afforded.

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